About Wendy

I bring extensive animal behavior experience to my consultation practice. I have been providing professional help for pet owners in the Pacific Northwest since 2007. My specialty is helping adopted dogs and cats adjust to their new home.

I also provide guidance and training to veterans with emotional and psychological wounds (e.g., PTSD and traumatic brain injuries) who have been matched with an assistance canine to help reduce their anxieties. My services include customized in-home trainings and advanced sessions in public settings.

During my graduate studies in Psychology, I trained with Dr. Lynne Seibert and Dr. James Ha. I have over 15 years of volunteer experience with Pacific Northwest canine rescue organizations. I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Animal Behavior Society, and the International Society for Anthrozoology.

My practice philosophy is based on the following intentions:

  • Understand: helping clients identify and understand companion animal behavior; teaching how human actions affect animal behavior; and demonstrating how clients can help their pets understand what they want.
  • Learn: providing positive skills and tools to develop reward-based training techniques for clients; guiding the creation of a behavior modification plan with realistic goals.
  • Bond: nurturing the relationship between humans and their animal companions.